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Dew’s Silent Voice

August 2014
July 2014

  • By Tim H.

    It’s been several years since the very first idea of establishing a studio whose sole purpose is to research and develop cuisines that are fun and memorable to play and eat with—something you would not see on a regular dining table. The place was meant as a playing ground for the inventive and inquisitive chefs who look at the traditional norms of cooking, and question if this method can be further improved, scrapped, or develop new ones altogether. We want to take away the spoons, the forks, and the plates and see how our customers would react… More>>
  • 自成立工作室的最初想法已經過去了幾年,工作室的唯一目的是研究和開發有趣且令人難忘的美食,與您在普通餐桌上看不到的東西一起玩。 這個地方是有創造力和好奇心的廚師的運動場,他們研究傳統的烹飪規範,並質疑這種方法是否可以進一步改進,取消或完全開發新方法。 我們想帶走湯匙,叉子和盤子,看看我們的客戶會如何反應


Bringing Dew to Life

  • By Tim H.

    Two years and half of planning and waiting , the building has finally come to fruition. What’s left is perhaps more months of patience before the interiors would take form. To keep in sync with Dew’s principles, the… More>>
  • 經過兩年半的計劃和等待,該建築終於得以實現。 剩下的也許是耐心等待幾個月,以便內飾成型。


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